What is a server PC?

The role of a computer server is to store, recover and send computer data and files to other PCs on a network. Several businesses use a local network to link a number of PCs. On a bigger scale, the global computer network known as the Internet depends on a significant number of server PC situated around the world. The data, files, and functionality of a given site are based on server PC.

Server PC has more memory, processing power as well as storage than their client computers. The client is the PC that is not acting as the server PC and is demanding information from the server pc PC. When CPUs are connected in some wireless or physical way and sharing information or services, this is mentioned to as a computer network. A computer network involves at least two accomplices, with at least one of them acting as a server PC and at least one acting as a client.

Functionalities Provided by Server PC by inwin

Servers can offer various features such as sharing data or resources among many customers or executing computation for a customer. A single server can attend multiple clients as well as a single client can use many servers.